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Your Brand is Important – Put it Front and Centre on VideoSign

Posted: 21 September 2018

You work hard to build you brand – to create it, nurture it, protect it. Although there’s no feeding and nappy changing to be done, it’s your baby to look after.


And your work into growing your brand should be recognised by using your brand everywhere you can, keeping it in front of clients and ensuring that your business is always memorable.

Your clients buy into your brand as well as you – indeed, a study by research firm Walker pointed towards customer experience overtaking price and value as the key brand differentiator.

How can you use VideoSign to enhance your brand?

If you’re a VideoSign user already, you’ll be sharing the benefits of saving time and hassle with your customers. You’ll be getting business done quicker with them and for them and you’ll already know how VideoSign’s automated audit trail helps provide security and comfort for you and your customers. If you’re not a VideoSign user already, you need to talk to us about how you can add these benefits to your business!

These benefits are awesome and already enhance your customer experience, but with our VideoSign customisation options, you can take this a stage further by bringing your VideoSign experience in line with your brand identity.

We offer two customisation options: first, you can brand the VideoSign web client with your logo and colours, presenting VideoSign to you clients as part of your business, giving the perception of value through your ownership of the tool. Web client branding also puts your logo onto the VideoSign email templates.

Secondly, we can completely customise the email templates VideoSign uses to communicate meetings and updates with your bespoke design and text to meet your user needs and brand requirements. If you want to provide a translation to use too, we can make these changes to your templates as part of this option.

Customise Your VideoSign Experience


VideoSign Custom Branding Sample


If you’re interested in customising your VideoSign experience, take a look at our branding options and contact us for more information.

The effort needed from you to complete branding and customisation work is minimal, too – we’ll just ask for a few pieces of information and logo files and we’ll do the rest of the work for you. View the branding options and get in touch.

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