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We are taking our concept to SugarCRM

Posted: 15 April 2015

Where did VideoSign come from?

VideoSign is the brain child of Craig Meek who has been at the forefront of technology development in the Video collaboration space for many years. Craig’s fascination with video technology combined with the IOS and now the Microsoft and Android platforms has led to the development of VideoSign recordable Video meetings.


What are the key unique selling points for VideoSign?

So video meetings have been around for a while, and are already part of the commercial and domestic world right? So what is it that sets VideoSign apart from other Video Meeting applications? Here’s the thing, the majority of what VideoSign Video meetings can do are already available across a number of different applications. However it is the unique combination of talents that place VideoSign in its own space.

There are a number of applications out there that can facilitate electronic (digital) signatures, and a number of applications that allow you to record video, and raise documents to be viewed by participants in aipad_doc meeting, however VideoSign facilitates all of these simultaneously. It is this that plants VideoSign firmly within international acceptance around legislation for the majority of the trading powerhouses around the world.
As previously mentioned in Blogs, I have done a little homework on digital signatures, and in short it is the “intent” that carries more weight than the signature itself. Which is where VideoSign comes in. VideoSign video and audio recording of the act of signing makes it water tight internationally if a signature is ever to be contested.

Why would the business community see value in VideoSign Recordable Video Meetings?

The application possibilities are endless for a business tool that can not only allow simultaneous viewing and manipulation of ipad_meetdocuments, but create an internationally water tight signature, and gain that with two participants on opposite sides of the Globe, but VideoSign delivers the additional benefit of doing so during a very high quality, interactive face to face environment.

Just off hand there are a number of industry verticals that spring to mind. Just think for a moment what this could do for the Real Estate industry by speeding up the process of signing and countersigning offers.

How about the financial services industry when discussing and signing investment options and insurance products. What about the Recruitment industry with the importance now placed on the “cultural fit” it very hard to gain a sense of this by reading a CV. ipad_signWhat about recording statement around University qualifications etc. The reduction in the need to physically travel to an old fashioned face to face meeting is a huge time and money saver. Don’t think for a moment that am advocating replacing pressing the flesh with VideoSign, I’m not, but might I suggest that when those relationships are already established, or require minimal nurturing to be productive, that VideoSign could be the ultimate alternative leading to massive increase in productivity and reduced costs… a win-win in my book!

VideoSign Strategy Evolves at a Rapid Pace.

With that said, VideoSign saw value in VideoSign enabling CRMs as a strategy to gain both exposure to the business community and provide a value add to the Client Relationship Management sector. These things take time and with a significant amount of testing and folding of the feedback (from a Pilot Program) back into the development road map, VideoSign made a few changes. handsome man surfing on tabletIn fact the Pilot Program highlighted the important fact that developing the “Browser Version” was critical to the success of the application and concept. The use of the Apple iPad throughout the business community was simply not enough to support the concept. So the majority of resources quickly went into the development of VideoSign Browser meetings.
The Patented “Heartbeat” technology sits at the heart of this technology, and it is this that Craig guards with the same enthusiasm as a fat kid with an ice-cream. It is this Heartbeat that delivers the slick elegant, simultaneous document manipulation and in turn provides a user experience that is second to none.

VideoSign connects with Sugar CRM.

VideoSign recently had the opportunity to discuss its unique capability suite to Sugar CRM in the USA, and the concept was met with considerable enthusiasm. As I write this blog Sugar in the process of judging finalists in “SugarCon 2015”. Winning or even placing as a finalist is a monumental step forward in the go to market strategy for VideoSign. With an industry powerhouse like Sugar CRM on board VideoSign will stand to gain significant exposure across a multitude of markets globally.
SugarCon is one of the most powerful and progressive global CRM forums of the year. This is a Sugarcon Bannerchance to network with the world’s leading business strategists and technology experts who are using CRM to build extraordinary customer relationships and dramatically transform business. SugarCon includes insightful general sessions, keynotes, customer tracks, interactive panels and product training across three exciting days.

I’ll keep you posted on developments over the coming days.

Check out the VideoSign Video

In response to an overwhelming interest in what VideoSign is all about they created a video that says it all. Click on the VideoSign Logo to view the 5 min video for a better understanding.

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