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Time for a new look…Introducing the New VideoSign

Posted: 27 September 2019

VideoSign User Update

Throughout 2019 we’ve been canvassing the opinions and feedback of VideoSign users across the world as part of our plans to improve and extend VideoSign’s capabilities. Following this feedback, we’re excited to announce some of our upcoming changes.

A modern, digital workspace

VideoSign's New Meeting Room Design


Kicking off our innovation programme is our fresh new look – we’re excited to announce that we will be releasing a new, modern user interface for VideoSign, which will be launched in early November.

The new user interface will give VideoSign a refreshed look and feel as well as a more efficient digital workspace, enabling you to share, collaborate, review and sign documents more effectively. This new user experience will be initially released across desktop, laptop and larger screen devices, before we transform our mobile experience (see below for further information about this).

Bringing more people together

Alongside our new look, we’ll also be increasing the maximum number of meeting participants to five, with plans to increase this further to ten participants in the months following the November release.

Preparation is everything

One of the consistent themes in our user feedback was the desire to be able to prepare documents for review and signing inside VideoSign meeting rooms. We’ve listened closely to this feedback and will also be releasing document preparation so you can highlight and tag documents before or during your meetings.

Using document preparation means you can draw attention to key areas of documents as well as tagging the document to specify who signs where – reducing documentation errors and rejection.

eSignatures? easySignatures!

Signing documents in VideoSign is about to become a whole lot easier…

Our new signing process allows agreements to be captured quickly, effortlessly and in a more intuitive way. Coupled with document preparation and our industry-first VideoSign Proof of Signature technology, we will ensure VideoSign’s eSignatures are one of the easiest, most secure and most legally reliable methods of capturing agreements available.

Mobile Experience

Following the launch of our new user interface, we’ll be embarking on a complete transformation of our mobile experience. VideoSign’s ‘any device, anywhere’ vision means we are constantly striving to deliver a consistent experience across all devices.

Despite this, only 5% of VideoSign users make use of our mobile capabilities. We’ve listened to your feedback and we recognise the need to drive significant improvements to the mobile experience to help you and your clients meet, collaborate and transact on any device, anywhere.

We plan to begin restructuring our mobile interface in late November, and our current mobile experience will be unavailable whilst we carry out some much-needed refurbishment works. Our new mobile experience will be available in Q1/2020 and we will communicate further details about the changes over the coming months.

And there’s more?

Following feedback from a range of VideoSign users, our team have been assessing how we can introduce new and emerging technologies into VideoSign, as part of a dedicated Innovation Programme designed to help you win more business and offer better customer experiences digitally.

We have been researching and developing AI-based solutions (such as automated meeting transcription and remote identity verification), so throughout next year you can expect to see some incredible new features that will ensure you close business faster, guarantee legal and retaliatory compliance and provide a digital experience that offers you a powerful and effortless way to interact with customers effectively.

While all this is very exciting, we’ve still got plenty of work to do to make sure VideoSign continues to be a simple, reliable solution for getting business done digitally. Keep an eye on your inbox for further updates and previews of our upcoming changes and future innovations!

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