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VideoSign Achieves UK Cybersecurity Certifications

Posted: 19 July 2019

VideoSign Achieves Cyber Essentials and

Just a few months after setting up our new home in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle, Videosign has successfully achieved UK Government-backed cybersecurity certifications. This week, Videosign was awarded the Cyber Essentials and IASME Governance certifications, demonstrating our commitment to delivering our video-engagement platform securely.

The certifications, sponsored by the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre, are widely recognised across the UK and Europe and provide a strong baseline for ensuring best practices when it comes to cyber security. The IASME Governance standard raises the bar above essential good practice and demonstrates a commitment to strong cyber security procedures.

What is the IASME Governance Standard?

The IASME Governance standard, based on international best practice, is risk-based and includes aspects such as physical security, staff awareness, and data backup. The IASME standard was recently recognised as the best cyber security standard for small companies by the UK Government when in consultation with trade associations and industry groups. The IASME governance self-assessment includes the Cyber Essentials assessment within it as well as an assessment against the requirements of the GDPR.

What is the Cyber Essentials Scheme?

IASME is one of just five companies appointed as Accreditation Bodies for assessing and certifying against the Government’s Cyber Essentials Scheme. The Scheme focuses on the five most important technical security controls. These controls were identified by the government as those that, if they had been in place, would have stopped the majority of the successful cyber-attacks over the last few years.

What does this mean for Videosign?

Videosign is used by companies across the world to facilitate simple, digital customer interactions and we recognise our important role in protecting customer data. By getting accreditation on such stringent standards, we’re demonstrating our core beliefs around ensuring we uphold the highest standard of information security, cyber security and legal compliance.

To follow up on that bold claim, VideoSign is also embarking on the journey towards becoming ISO 27001 compliant; focusing on implementing much more robust and stringent risk management for information security risks. By implementing ISO 27001 into VideoSign, we’d be able to secure information in all its forms, which in turn will increase our resilience to cyber-attacks. Our intention is to have all bases covered and ensure VideoSign users have nothing to worry about when it comes to their digital safety.

Do these new standards affect current clients?

Yes – whilst nothing changes in the way you use and operate VideoSign, these certifications provide you with additional peace of mind that our team are meeting some of the world’s most stringent information security standards to keep you and your clients protected.

You can rest assured that your documents, details, and personal information are safe and secure with VideoSign. To find out more about our information security standards or to request a copy of our certifications, please contact us via the live chat feature on our website.

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