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Small Business Owners Can Still Achieve Work-Life Balance!

Posted: 20 April 2018

Still working weekends?

There are many things that take away from our weekends. Finalizing after-meeting notes or even documenting for compliance purposes can seriously scrape away from that valuable work-life balance.

These extra weekend tasks can eventually cause burnout even when we are in a business we love and genuinely enjoy what we are doing. It may start out subtly, but soon we find ourselves on a very slippery slope where our work life takes over to the detriment of every other area of our lives.

It’s not always easy to detect when things start going awry. A simple phone call here or an email response there may seem harmless enough. VideoSign understands that many of us don’t know when to ask for help. Our full suite of products allows you to complete the entire sales process in a single meeting including discovery, recommendations, product presentation, real time signing of documents, and an automated audit file prepared at the close of the meeting.

This eliminates after-meeting documentation allowing you to take back your time, set boundaries and prioritize accordingly to reclaim a proper work-life balance. 

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