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Save Money and Generate Revenue during Annual Portfolio Review Meetings

Posted: 22 February 2018

Did you know that your annual reviews could be more efficient and less costly? Did you also know that you could perform the annual reviews “face to face” with your clients at a time that is convenient for both of you (convenient meaning no travel time, staying late at the office, or missing dinner with the people most important in your life)? Did you know that your annual review meetings could be done in fraction of the time that they take today AND offer you the opportunity to present/sell more business? Would you like to separate yourself from the competition by offering your clients a complimentary video file of the entire annual review meeting? Did you know that there is a way to document your annual review discussions with your clients in the same amount of time it takes to read this document?

Welcome to VideoSign where you can run annual review meetings conveniently, economically, and efficiently. With the VideoSign online video collaboration platform you can meet, greet, review portfolios, offer additional products, close more business, and have an efficient video recording of your entire meeting for upload to your complimentary VideoSign account or to be stored in your client account management software.

Annual reviews can be more efficient and less costly!

Let’s face it. A large part of your operating expense is traveling to meet with clients or paying rent for an expensive office space. Then there are the additional costs of paying the wear and tear on your vehicle (watch the mileage on that lease), the utilities/other expenses to keep the office running, and the non-productive downtime in between meetings or when meetings have last minute cancellations due to “unforeseen circumstances.” VideoSign costs less per month than a tank of gas, is available to meet to meet with clients at a moments notice by sending an invitation to all necessary meeting participants, and has no geographic limitations (client called out of town, client stuck in gridlock from an accident, or you stuck traveling back from a meeting that ran overtime). VideoSign is simply available 24 X 7 when you and your client are ready to meet.

Conveniently perform face to face Annual Reviews!

VideoSign is so much more than an online collaboration tool. With VideoSign, you will see and hear your clients as if they are sitting across the desk from you (without any background distractions like Marcy who has to talk about the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy at the top of her lungs). You also can see the physical body language of your client which is absolutely impossible to read with a webinar platform and, you, can meet face to face with your clients wherever they may be. One partner could be in California and the other partner in Sydney and you can have an interpersonal conversation with both of them hearing their voices and seeing them respond to the little humorous quips you add to every annual review meeting. “Being there” has never been so convenient and efficient as an annual review meeting using VideoSign

Spend less time reaffirming value and more time increasing value to your book of business!

Since VideoSign is an online collaboration tool, you can run the annual review portion of your meeting in a fraction of time that the traditional face to face meeting takes. Perhaps it is because the direct nature of a video meeting keeps the client more focused. Perhaps it is because you are meeting face to face and not behind a software application veil that permeates webinar platforms (that’s right..if the client takes a call or is surfing will see it). Perhaps it is because that all of the literature for the products you are going to mention during the recommendation phase of the meeting were uploaded before the start of the meeting and you simply have to click a document title in the presenter’s platform to show the cross sell collateral during the discussion (talk about just in time). Moreover, once your clients have agreed to any or all of your recommendations (all…because you are a rock star) you simply provide the product application form and your clients sign real time in the meeting. No lengthy electronic signature email processes (or snail mail…please) after the meeting and no chasing down co-signers since all necessary parties are “front and present” during the meeting.

Separate yourself from the competition!

With VideoSign, not only can you meet, greet, review, and upsell in the most convenient and efficient manner also can provide a complimentary (free to you with a paid subscription) video recording of the entire meeting your client. The recording contains all video, audio, presented documentation, and signed forms that occurred during the original meeting. There is no need for note taking to distract you or your client, no need for sending signed paperwork after the meeting, and you can pick up the next annual review meeting with the client just where you left off because you can review the current meeting as preparation for future meetings! There is no limit to the number of recordings that can be stored in your complimentary VideoSign account!

Automatic audit trail of your meeting!

Now we come to the audience participation portion of our discussion. Raise your hand if you enjoy the compliance documentation aspects of client meetings. Anyone? Well we have good news for you since not only does VideoSign offer a video file of the entire meeting interaction including all documentation presented/signed, it also automatically creates an audit trail document complete with the email addresses, IP computer addresses, digital signature methods used during document execution, and a chronological time/date stamp table of all interactions during the meeting. Wait..there is more. VideoSign now has the industry first VideoSign Proof of Signature technology which takes a picture of the meeting participant(s) at the time they are signing the document as visual proof of the signers. So when those hour long blocks are marked out on your calendar for compliance documentation, we both know that you are playing OverWatch (a little quality time for a job well done). So when the auditors show up and ask to review sample client files, sit them in front of the computer monitor, queue up the meeting recordings for those clients, and go back back to making money with another VideoSign meeting. It’s that simple.

Annual reviews can be efficient and economical meetings to reaffirm client confidence and grow additional revenue all within the same meeting.

VideoSign. Close more business. Anytime. Anywhere.

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