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Re-Introducing VideoSign VideoSign Proof of Signature

Posted: 4 July 2018

RE- Introducing VideoSign VideoSign Proof of Signature

The May 25th deadline for General Data Protection Regulation is fast approaching! A key component of GDPR is demonstrating consent. Businesses will now need to show verifiable proof that consent was given to use personal data. Records will need to be kept showing how and when that consent was granted to that business since pre-checked radio buttons and check boxes will no longer constitute customer consent.

Now is the perfect time to re-discover our revolutionary VideoSign Proof of SignatureDeveloped to help businesses document consent well before GDPR, VideoSign provides visual and verbal proof of the identity of each person and that a digital signature was signed by the participants in a meeting.  VideoSign also stores a record of that interaction in a media archive which is available in your VideoSign cloud account.

VideoSign Proof of Signature™ ensures that documents cannot be altered and provides an automated audit trail for long-term verification and documentation of processing activities for GDPR compliance.

May 25th is fast approaching! Subscribe today and let us help you get ready for the GDPR deadline!

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