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Meeting Health Check: VideoSign’s latest feature will help your meetings run smoother than ever before

Posted: 13 August 2018

VideoSign makes virtual meetings easy. Our meeting spaces open in browsers and are supported across multiple devices without the need for downloads or apps, for example.

So this week, we’re rolling out another new feature that will keep things running smoothly: Meeting Health Check.

The VideoSign Meeting Health Check status screen shows the list of potential issues and give a status indicator to each, helping the user understand what's working and what's not.

Meeting Health Check makes it easier for you to manage meetings with your client, by identifying and fixing possible issues quickly, allowing you to get on with your meeting without fuss.

Meeting Health Check gives any participant in a VideoSign session the ability to check if they’ve met all the requirements for a smooth and easy meeting. The Meeting Health Check tool will automatically detect if there are any issues with your device’s configuration and flag up those issues for you to fix.

Our user feedback suggests some of the most common issues our users experience are network connectivity or video and audio issues. What we’ve seen is that most of these issues can be quickly fixed and sometimes require just a click of the mouse. Meeting Health Check will flag up common issues, such as your browser permissions not allowing use of the microphone or video.


How do I use VideoSign’s Meeting Health Check?


Meeting Health Check status indicators help users identify potential issues in their VideoSign meeting.

Meeting Health Check’s status screen will run the first time you use VideoSign after the feature launches this week. It will also run at the start of every VideoSign meeting in the future, though you don’t have to.

You can also run Meeting Health Check at any point during a VideoSign meeting: a green, orange or red ‘light’ will remain at the bottom of your meeting – green means you’re good to go and red or orange indicates issues. Users can click this to open the Meeting Health Check status screen and diagnose any issues at any time.


Meeting Health Check is Designed to be Simple

We’ve designed Meeting Health Check to be as simple and useful as possible, whilst enabling you to get more business done with as little hassle as possible.

Helping you – and your meeting participants – get the most out of VideoSign is important, so we’d love your feedback on this new feature.

If you’d like to share your comments, please feel free to email

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