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Increasing transparency and client engagement in the Insurance industry

Posted: 2 November 2017

Meet Johan Fritz. Johan has a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and is a seasoned financial adviser. As a Financial Adviser at New Zealand Risk Solutions, he provides Insurance and Risk Planning for both personal and business clients.

Johan is very passionate about the financial services industry and believes that only by truly listening to his clients can he serve their insurance needs. Regardless of whether it is a new client to the practice or an existing client, Johan believes that only through one-to-one interpersonal conversations can he serve his passion for the industry.

Johan Fritz pic

In PwC’s latest report on the insurance sector, local insurance firms rate competition as their third greatest risk, behind change management and technology – two risks that are also a concern to international players*

PwC partner and insurance sector leader in New Zealand, Karl Deutschle says “Fintech start-ups are bringing in new technology to the market and those new companies are not held back by the same legacy systems and outdated business models some insurance firms are still working with.”

One of the obstacles that technology is enabling the new players in the insurance industry to quickly overcome is geography. There are no traffic jams, rush hour frustrations or relocation issues to stop these new players from conducting business with their clients. Because there is no time wasted for commuting, the new technological players simply have an advantage….more available time means more business.

Johan lives about an hour away from his office in New Zealand and was wasting a lot of time in traffic due to his long commute. He started searching for a technology solution that would enable him to compete with the technological new comers to the space while upholding his personal delivery promise of one to one service. Josh Bronkhorst, who is also an Insurance Adviser , recommended VideoSign.

VideoSign has enabled Johan to bring a personalized technological advantage to his practice by meeting clients in a personal one to one virtual meeting room where they see each other, review documents from either party and close business.

“I can do meetings from my home office at a more convenient time for my clients, I am now doing meetings from my home at 8.30pm.”

Reviewing his clients on an annual basis is just as important as attracting new clients, and Johan is able to do both by using VideoSign. This has resulted in better satisfaction and retention of his client base.

VideoSign has exceeded Johan’s expectations, with him stating that “On annual reviews, it is phenomenal, I’m going to use VideoSign on all annual reviews”

Clients enjoy the video meeting experience because they don’t have to tidy up their apartments or arrange for a sitter as they would if he had to travel to meet them at their homes. The insurance products he uses all have online applications, so Johan can go through the whole insurance application process online, through screen sharing and have the documents completed by the end of the VideoSign session.

His clients find the insurance advice process that he provides is more “transparent” using the VideoSign technology as they are able to view and access all documents/video recordings in the encrypted VideoSign cloud archive set up specifically for them. Clients can review their meetings at any time once they are saved to the VideoSign cloud.

VideoSign enables Johan to keep his personalized delivery standards using a technology application while improving efficiency for both him and his clients. VideoSign is the perfect application to enable any size insurance brokerage to instantly compete with Fintech competitors.

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