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Icon UK brings superior SaaS solution, VideoSign, to the UK market

Posted: 14 November 2017


Icon UK is proud to announce that this morning, it formally signed an agreement for the exclusive distributor rights to the powerful ‘digital workspace’ solution “VideoSign

What is VideoSign?

VideoSign, which is provided as a SaaS product, is a pre-integrated combination of different functionalities necessary to undertake remote document and identity processes face-to-face over a pane of glass of the user’s choice. It’s also turning the advisory and compliance sections of the Customer Communications Management market on its head with its unparalleled capacity to facilitate fast, secure and convenient personal communications.

What can VideoSign offer professionals?

VideoSign is a ‘virtual meeting room’ that enables 4-way video conferencing and, unlike rival technologies, it is the only application to host an entire suite of indispensable business tools such as:

  • screen share,
  • instant chat,
  • digital signatures,
  • collaboration technology
  • recording functionality,
  • and more…

All that – in one ‘private cloud-based box’!

What industries are benefitting from VideoSign?

VideoSign is already used by financial advisers, lawyers, mortgage brokers, real estate and property professionals to efficiently increase sales and transactions, but any industry can benefit. It can apply to any business that requires online video meetings, collaboration, recording and transactions flowing from consents or document signing. The costs and time of integrating other alternative combinations of tools are orders of magnitude greater than introducing VideoSign into existing technology infrastructures.    


VideoSign CEO Ian Dunbar explains that the “importance of recording meetings and proven signatures on applications, documents and proposals becomes ever more critical across many sectors. But the range of regulatory regimes and local business practices means that we wanted to work with experts introducing innovative solutions to the UK and European markets. Icon UK have demonstrated the skills, desire and network to accelerate the adoption of VideoSign in this important region”.

Regulatory compliance and client experience

Here at Icon UK, we’re more than familiar with the challenges that face heavily regulated industries, so we’re pleased to add a solution that both promotes regulatory compliance and client experience. It can transform an organisation’s approach to customer communication, collaboration, auditing and the requirement to travel for in-person meetings.

VideoSign strategically complements our existing portfolio of carefully selected relationship-led document and identity solutions.

Life increasingly happens busier and faster for most people; In an age where we expect immediate service and responsiveness, traditional processes simply do not cut it with huge numbers of users. Icon UK instantly saw that VideoSign enables face-to-face engagement with expert advisors without travel at the time of one’s choosing – which not only provides a source of competitive differentiation for providers, but dramatically improved conversion rates, costs, engagement and loyalty metrics.

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‘Try before you buy’

Icon UK and VideoSign are offering a FREE, 21-day trial of VideoSign – so that you can see for yourself! Click here to start your FREE trial. 

For further information, contact:

Ian Dunbar
CEO, VideoSign

T: +61 434 367 316


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