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Doing your business in the back of a taxi!

Posted: 13 June 2017

A headline for attention…but not quite what you think.

On a cold morning this month, I was in a cab in Sydney on my way to the airport to fly to Melbourne. One of the many thousands doing this trip every morning.

I had an urgent requirement however. I was negotiating an important contact with a client in Australia. A key deal that for a small tech company can define the success of the company. However, to get the deal over the line, I needed to provide to my prospective client a copy of the information risk policy of one of our key vendors.

Sound easy. Well no. Our key vendor is based in San Francisco and required me to sign an Non Disclosure Agreement before releasing the policy documentation to me. A pretty standard business event.

My problem. I am in that cab. I am then on a plane, with clients all day in Melbourne before checking into my barely 3-star hotel (we are small tech company remember), so there will not be a nice business centre waiting for me. I will be lucky if I even have a bed.

No drama, I reach into my satchel and pull out my portable printer, load up some paper, which I always carry with me, plug the printer into the USB on my laptop and away I go.

Hang on…is this a story about the next generation of portable printers. Of course not. Nice a bad idea but a bit Maxwell Smart don’t you think?

Instead, I fire up my laptop and jump into my VideoSign personal meeting room. Load the PDF NDA agreement into the meeting room, add in the information needed by the vendor, and sign the document on my laptop, using digital signing.

I send a copy of the executed NDA contract to the vendor, and I am still not even at the airport. All in the back of the taxi.

Within 15 mins I have the policy document back from them, and I have sent it off to my key prospect.

Now of course, this sounds like a brazen plug for VideoSign, I am the CEO after all. But I share this because this is exactly the type of immediate, paperless, hassle free business that we want and need. If I had needed to find a print shop, print the document, sign it, scan it and email it back to the vendor, I guarantee that would have taken me at least a couple of days.

Business needs to be efficient, hassle free and digital.

Oh, and this week I signed the contract with our blue chip global financial services company. A proud achievement for this Kiwi/Aussie tech company.

Hopefully we can help you transform your business into a digital one. Join the VideoSign generation.

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