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Does Your Digital Signature Application offer Proof of Signature?

Posted: 14 December 2017

Proof. Evidence. Documentation. These are just a few of the words that have moved to the forefront of compliance discussions after the accusations and law suits stemming from the illicit acquisition and unethical treatment of clients in business dealings over the past decade. Regulators today are looking for rock solid, unambiguous proof that clients engaged in business transactions understand the transaction that they are about to execute and that the signature on the transaction documents are, indeed, the actual client involved in the transaction.

This burden of proof is somewhat counter-intuitive to the efficiency and convenience desires of the client to meet, review, understand, sign, and close the deal within a short amount of time. Consumers want to have the meeting, sign, and go. To meet the speed and efficiency demands of the consumer, businesses have implemented technologies such as digital signatures to enable transactions to completed conveniently and efficiently.

So how does a business meet the burden of proof documentation that the regulators are looking for while also meeting the “on the go” requirements of the consumer?

VideoSign is proud to announce the latest feature in our award winning business application-VideoSign.

VideoSign Proof of Signature™ was created based on the feedback from our current users. VideoSign Proof of Signature™ combines the speed and convenience of digital signing technology with an unsurpassed audit trail and video capture of the signing transaction to provide the evidence that the person signing the document is in the meeting and executing the transaction as those actions are taking place.

With VideoSign’s ability to record and store all video, audio, and documents reviewed/signed in a meeting, VideoSign Proof of Signature™ is the additional layer of protection for our clients to satisfy any regulator’s inquiries about the client’s intentions, understanding, and acceptance of the business transaction. VideoSign seamlessly provides the speed and efficiency demands of the “on the go” client with the required compliance and audit needs of the business.

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