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Can Your Business Survive GDPR Fines?

Posted: 4 July 2018

Tech Giants Are In The GDPR Crosshairs

According to CNN, Facebook and Google are already facing lawsuits for failing to comply with the GDPR compliance requirements. Less than one day after the deadline, data regulators were aggressively going after companies who willfully ignored the deadline. VideoSign wants to know, will your business be able to survive GDPR’s massive fines and penalties?

With no grace period allowed, companies everywhere must examine their processes for possible non-compliance. For only $49, VideoSign is offering an easy solution to to help businesses demonstrate consent for GDPR. Our VideoSign Proof of Signature, provides an affordable solution to the GDPR consent requirement by providing visual and verbal proof of the identity of each person in a meeting. VidesoSign also records and stores the actual signing of each digital signature completed by the participants in a meeting. It is also customisable to meet your business needs and fully integrated with most financial planning platforms. 

Providing proof of long-term verification and documentation of processing activities is also a key benefit of using VideoSign. An automated audit trail stores a record of each interaction in a media archive available in your VideoSign cloud account.

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