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5 Ways to Close More Sales Without Hiring More Staff

Posted: 17 January 2019

Successful sales teams power business growth, feeding bottom line success with fantastic top line revenues.

But as your presence grows and you begin to dominate a marketplace, how do you capture more sales without constantly growing your sales team?

After all, your sales headcount is perhaps one of the most crucial investments in your business and bringing in the wrong people can compromise income, profit and overall business growth: good salespeople sell, bad salespeople drain resources.

how do you close more business without recruiting more sales staff


Get more value from your sales team

What if scaling your sales team isn’t quite the right option anyway?

The first question to ask before recruiting your next salesperson is ‘how can I improve efficiency and productivity in my sales team?’

After all, the answer to closing more sales may not be recruiting more sales staff. By taking a close look at how your sales teams work, you will be able to identify areas where your team can get more business done with some pretty simple, low-cost (or free!) changes to process and practices. Here’s some of our top tips on how to make your sales team more efficient.


1. Remove barriers to sales efficiency

Think about how your sales staff engage with customers, what tools they use to get business done and how simple their workflows are. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How can I simplify sales processes?
  • What customer engagement and management tools are my sales team using?
  • Where is the most time spent on activity that could be digitised or automated?

Armed with the answer to those three simple questions, you will quickly identify opportunities to increase sales efficiency amongst your teams.


2. Bad processes cause friction and cost sales

To get the most out of your sales team, you need to make sure that as much of their activity is focused on generating opportunities and closing business. When your company processes create a burden of work – such as manually managing data and generating reports or having poor document management – your employees will spend unnecessary time tied up in red tape.

Look at how you can reduce manual activities such as data entry and proposal writing and power up these activities with automated tools like a rock solid CRM (such as Sugar CRM), a powerful data insight platform (we love 9 Spokes) or quotes and proposal automation tools (try Proposify, for example).

Try to reduce process friction for both your sales teams and your customers by combining activities: VideoSign combines virtual meetings and electronic signing into a single sales closing tool so that you can go straight from verbal agreement to signed contracts in a matter of seconds (buyer’s remorse will be a thing of the past).


3. Reduce the burden of pointless meetings

There is nothing worse than being stuck in an overly long, seemingly pointless meeting when you have stuff to be getting on with. It also happens to sap team morale quite dramatically (not surprising when you consider Microsoft research found that 71% of meetings are considered a waste of time).

Make sure the internal meetings your sales teams attend are necessary – after all, you don’t need a company ‘town hall’ meeting every week and you can replace most of the content of lengthy sales team conference calls by using your CRM properly.

Ruthlessly ditch pointless meetings and prioritise engagements that make money: customer meetings. Give your salespeople the freedom and tools to engage with clients digitally, get business done and keep customers engaged.


4. Do it ‘Digital by Default’

This is 2019, so why are you still insisting on ink signatures on bits of paper?

Technology advances every single day. Whilst digital processes aren’t right for all of your customers, there are certainly some compelling benefits to having a digital-first approach to doing business:

  • Reduce the time travelling to and from meetings, save unnecessary travel expenses and give customers convenience by engaging customers online.
  • Ditch the printers, the postage stamps and the pens: aim for paper free and cut admin time by adopting digital document management services and accept electronic signatures across your business.
  • Centralising and automating data capture so your teams don’t have to worry about manual input and your business benefits from access to a whole range of information.


5. Focus sales efforts using CRM

An investment in a CRM system can be a license to print money: use your CRM properly and it becomes a powerhouse for your sales efforts, giving you insights into your business and your customers that simply can’t be seen when your data is decentralised. Having a single dataset and powerful reporting tools gives you an ability to identify trends and gaps that would otherwise be missed.

Most CRM systems integrate with other digital services so that you benefit from the information captured in all of your systems, without relying on the effort of human input. Specialist CRM systems can also provide added value to your specific type of business, such as the wealth management tool XPLAN by iress and YTML’s Seido (both of which are directly integrated with VideoSign so you can seamlessly launch meetings and save signed documents and meeting recordings in your CRM automatically).


Take action now and close more sales

Evaluating your sales processes, tools and workflows will help you identify real opportunities for sales efficiency and give you the opportunity to extract more value from your sales teams without growing headcount.

Making efforts to centralise your data, reduce red tape and invest in digital tools will help you close more sales and give your business a tangible uptick in both revenue and profit, while your sales team morale grows as they win more and more business (and receive bigger commission cheques!). 

VideoSign has been designed to help you close more business, anywhere, anytime with tangible benefits in reduced deal abandonment, increased customer convenience and satisfaction, and increases in the speed at which business gets done.

Power up your sales tech stack with VideoSign – book a demo with one of our product specialists today.

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