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49% of Small Business Owners won’t take a vacation this year!

Posted: 20 April 2018

Are you one of those business owners who never take a vacation because they believe they will spend that time taking phone calls and emails instead? Well VideoSign has some good news for you! Even if you cannot fully discconnect, you can still minimize the time spent working while on a real vacation. Here are a few tried and true strategies you can use to unwind to preserve your well-being.

Advanced Planning
Prepare customers well in advance of your planned dates. Ensure all clients, co-workers and also staff are aware of the scheduled dates via email or a personal call to those with pending items.

Clear the date
Do not schedule any important launches right before you leave or while you’re on vacation. You do not want to be burdened with last minute problems that come with important launch deadlines.

Take Work Breaks
This is extremely important. Take 20-30 minutes at a specified time each day to reply to emails and messages. Most client questions and requests can be done in 20-30 minutes or delegated to staff or co-workers. This simple strategy of dedicating a minimum amount of time each day ensures that you stay in the loop but still have the rest of the day to enjoy with your family.

Step Away from the Baggage
Whatever you do, avoid lugging too many devices. Your work computer, cell phone, tablet, work files and other work related baggage do not all need to be on your getaway. If you have one device that has access to private work networks and platforms then take that one device and leave the others. You will be tempted to use everything if you bring everything and very easily, your 20-minute work break becomes a 2-hour marathon of conference calls, emails and bookings.

Remember that your well-being and peace of mind requires that you unplug at various times throughout the year to function at your best. If you are up-to-date with your work schedule and all goals are being met then there is definitely time to take a break. 

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